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Updated: 10/18/2011

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ACM DL Author-ize serviceShore-MT: a scalable storage manager for the multicore era
Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis, Nikos Hardavellas, Anastasia Ailamaki, Babak Falsafi
EDBT '09 Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Extending Database Technology: Advances in Database Technology, 2009
ACM DL Author-ize serviceCritical sections: re-emerging scalability concerns for database storage engines
Ryan Johnson, Ippokratis Pandis, Anastasia Ailamaki
DaMoN '08 Proceedings of the 4th international workshop on Data management on new hardware, 2008
ACM DL Author-ize serviceSemantically annotated hypermedia services
Ippokratis Pandis, Nikos Karousos, Thanassis Tiropanis
HYPERTEXT '05 Proceedings of the sixteenth ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia, 2005
ACM DL Author-ize serviceIncreasing the usage of open hypermedia systems: a developer-side approach
Nikos Karousos, Manolis Tzagarakis, Ippokratis Pandis
HYPERTEXT '03 Proceedings of the fourteenth ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia, 2003